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How digital techniques can enhance your career - a focus on LinkedIn

Posted by admin, 3 May 2017, 13:24

To help experienced finance and change professionals maximise their use of LinkedIn we have created a comprehensive 18-page handbook that shares our useful tips, suggestions, and recommendations.

Stanton House - a focus on LinkedInFor many experienced job seekers, creating a strong digital presence can generate the feeling of anything from despair, confusion or resentment when faced with the additional workload. The reality is that your personal brand never sleeps and even the most exceptional professionals cannot assume that they will be found.

Whether you are looking to connect with an agency or in-house recruiter, present a strong profile to a hiring manager or position yourself positively to future colleagues, your digital profile is becoming a key component of your career.

Request a digital copy of 'how digital techniques can enhance your career - a focus on Linked'.



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