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Why meeting the CEO of EducAid reinvested my faith in charity again

Posted by admin, 8 June 2018, 13:43

Jacqueline Gordon, Stanton House Marketing and Communications Manager shares her thoughts on her recent meeting with EducAid CEO Erin Northey.

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Jacqueline Gordon, Marketing and Communications Manager

Charity. One word that carries the weight of a million connotations. Some believe charity starts at home, others feel the need to conquer the unethical corners of the world. I; like many others, simply became desensitised to it all.

Then I met Erin.

Erin Northey is the CEO of EducAid, an educational charity on an international mission to keep hundreds of children in school across Sierra Leone. I first heard about EducAid when I joined Stanton House. With pictures embellishing the walls of children in school and team activities of staff all sporting the same logo - I didn't have to wait long before I was introduced to the concept.

As a corporate partner Stanton House sponsors the charity, fundraising for them at every opportunity and taking part in a massive challenge each year. From wine and cheese quiz nights, tackling the Ullswater Challenge to walking 100km from London to Brighton, the entire company is behind the initiative with the Hong Kong office recently getting involved in the Spartan Race.

My inner sceptic assumed; like most companies, the charity was adopted as a marketing strategy. I couldn't have been more wrong. The team have been sponsoring the charity for years, raising over £20,000 and keeping more than 70 children in school and not even shouting about it.

So I met with Erin to discuss making a video about the team's efforts and I have never interviewed a person so friendly, welcoming and happy to be filmed. Considering my experience as a video journalist - this was quite something.

Erin did spend some time discussing the charity and the amazing things she set out to achieve but she also homed in on how grateful she and the organisation were for Stanton Houses' fundraising efforts and how they truly have changed lives.

Erin Northey "Stanton House is a model corporate partner, we have a lot of committed partners but in terms of corporate social responsibility Stanton House is different. They are invested in the work we do at every level, yes they do these incredible walks to Brighton from London, host all of these wonderful events and raise funds for us. They really care about what we do, every time I see someone from Stanton House they ask about our work they are just as invested in our vision as we are and that is what makes them so special."

What I had only recently discovered was that Stanton House had placed Erin at EducAid as a gift. As a recruitment consultancy specialising in placing senior candidates into respectable roles, this is unheard of and demonstrates the bond between the company and charity.

Erin derives from a background in teaching and inspecting schools - her career plan has not been to make it to the c-suite but to make a difference to the lives of children in education across the globe and she simply couldn't be a more phenomenal fit for such a warm, welcoming and wonderful charity.

If you would like to support this incredible charity, a Stanton House team will be climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks on the 23rd June 2018 so please share and sponsor their journey or donate to the team.

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