Great Place to Work

If you are considering a career at Stanton House, please ask yourself the following four questions:

  • Do you want to build a career in a successful, professional, dynamic business where hard work and commitment is rewarded with career progression and high earning potential?
  • Do you want to work with people who really know what they are doing and who care about your development?
  • Have you got a passion for achieving your potential?  
  • Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and learn quickly?

If you join us you will become an expert in your field. You will be respected for the depth and breadth of your knowledge. You will build long-standing, trusting relationships with senior level professionals, and will, in short, have a fantastic opportunity to succeed. 

Stanton House will provide you with an excellent foundation towards becoming a best-in-class recruitment consultant. The formal and informal learning opportunities are second to none. Your future colleagues will take great delight in helping you along your development path.

So, what do we need from you?

  • The drive to succeed. Please don’'t apply if you are not seriously self-motivated.
  • Intelligence and confidence. It’'s a people business - you have to earn respect and trust from a large number of people. 
  • Likeability. Even better if people will enjoy doing business with you. 
  • Integrity. Do things in the right way. We take a long-term view and want all our people to help us build a brand that is trusted.
  • Collaboration. Colleagues will look out for you and we expect you to do the same for them. This is very much a team sport.
  • Organisation. There is a lot to do every day so you must be efficient and be able to plan ahead.
  • A drive to delight your customers. We would like you to be curious about what is important to them and committed to helping them find it.

If the messages on this page and in the video strike a chord with your capability and ambition, get in touch for a chat.