Meet our team in Hong Kong

Richard DobsonRichard Dobson - Stanton House

Managing Director and Partner

Area of Expertise: Alternative Investments and Commerce
Geographical Coverage: Global

I lead searches for executive mandates for Private Equity (including investee companies), Real Estate and corporates growing in Asia or offshore.

Richard Dobson - Stanton House Richard Dobson - Stanton House

Edward BarkerEdward Barker - Stanton House

Principal Consultant

Area of Expertise: Alternative Investment
Geographical Coverage: Pan-Asia

I am responsible for running the Alternatives team in Asia, recruiting senior executives into Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds and LP's.

Edward Barker - Stanton House Edward Barker - Stanton House

Fergus HardyFergus Hardy - Stanton House

Principal Consultant

Area of Expertise: Asset Management
Geographical Coverage: Pan-Asia

Responsible for running the Asset Management Desk in Asia recruiting C-Suite, Distribution, Investment, Product Specialist and Operations roles from VP through to Board.

Fergus Hardy - Stanton House Fergus Hardy - Stanton House

Justin HuntingJustin Hunting

Principal Consultant

Area of Expertise: TMT Sector
Geographical Coverage: 
Asia Pacific

Responsible for running the TMT Desk in Asia recruiting C- Suite Finance, M&A, Strategy and Commercial from Board level to Senior Management.

Justin Hunting - Stanton House Justin Hunting - Stanton House

Stephanie LamStephanie Lam - Stanton House


Area of Expertise: Alternative Investment & Asset Management
Geographical Coverage: Pan-Asia

Coverage includes disciplines of Investment, Capital Raising, Client Services, Portfolio Management and Back-Office operations.

Stephanie Lam - Stanton House Stephanie Lam - Stanton House

Jasmine ChuJasmine Chu - Stanton House


Area of Expertise: TMT
Geographical Coverage:

Coverage includes C- Suite, Finance, M&A, Strategy and Commercial from Board level to Senior Management hires.

Jasmine Chu - Stanton House Jasmine Chu - Stanton House

Daisy WuDaisy Wu - Stanton House


Area of Expertise: Alternative Investment
Geographical Coverage:

Coverage includes Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds and LP's with a focus on Investment, Investor Relations and Portfolio Management.

Daisy Wu - Stanton House Daisy Wu - Stanton House